Conquer the Carton

Can you climb our 22-foot milk carton and ring the bell at the top?

How about racing a friend to see who climbs the fastest?  Our carton is one of the most well known features of our campus.  It’s 22-foot height might seem intimidating but once you reach the top, it’s moovelous!  Check out the label for fun facts about the farm!

Fun for the Tykes

Your little ones can enjoy much of Mooville too!

Let them ride our Moo Choo Train around the track.  Let them ring the bell and wave for a precious picture-taking opportunity.  Then, head on over to our little tractors and let them pretend to be farmers, working the fields!

Catching Dairy Air!

How high can you jump?

Challenge your neighbor to see who can jump the highest on our giant bouncing pillow, Dairy Air! Get your adrenaline going and try out your best back flip on our bungee-jumping attraction, Cow-A-Bunga.

Things to Explore

Ready for your adventure?

Escape to the country where you can explore modern farms, eat farm fresh food and enjoy family fun.  Buy your tickets today so that you and your family can Start Your Adventure.

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Are you open today?

Our daily hours are posted on our website homepage.  For any closings due to weather, please check our Facebook page.

Do I need to schedule ahead of time to experience the adventures?

Nope, just come on in! We recommend that your visit begins in the morning so that you have plenty of time to visit all of our attractions.  Be sure to make time for lunch at our Cowfé or Farmhouse Restaurant!

How long do the adventures take?

We recommend 2 hours for each- The Dairy Adventure and Pig Adventure. They are mostly self-guided tours so you can slow down or speed up to accommodate your own pace. Add 1 hour for The Crop Adventure. Add 1 hour for Mooville.

What time is it there?

Fair Oaks Farms is on Central Standard Time. (Chicago Time)

What time is Mooville open?

Mooville is open from 11:00a-5:00p Memorial Day-Labor Day.