The Pig Adventure

The Pig Adventure is open so squeal with excitement!  The Pig Adventure features the modern farming practices of a working pig farm.  Enjoy the seasonal ropes course, baby piglets and learn all about the magnificent pig! The Crop & Dairy Adventures are also open year round, as well as The Farmhouse, Cowfé & Dairycatessen.

*The ropes course is currently open on weekends only.

Start Your Adventure with New Heights

Join us in the Pig Adventure to learn all about the magnificent pig.

Our Pig Adventure is an inside, educational look at the life of a pig here at Fair Oaks Farms.  You will learn about how our farmers “shower in” in order to protect our pigs from disease.  Check out our interactive sonogram and see how many piglets the expecting mother is having.  See a newborn piglet up close, learn about new farm technology and see the different stages of a pig’s life.

The Pig Adventure ropes course requires a $5 additional cost with admission.

See a Baby Pig Up Close

Get the opportunity to see a baby pig up close.

Some of the newborns that you will get to see will only be 5 minutes old. Check out how quickly they learn to walk and have the opportunity to ask our farmers questions about the farm.

The Pork Education Center

The Pork Education Center is owned by the Pig and Pork Education Project, LLC – a nonprofit company. The Pork Education Center features our 3-story ropes course, our custom treehouse and an interactive Pigtrest Board where you can learn about safe, delicious pork recipes. The Pork Education Center is where you will board the pig bus to visit our working pig farm.

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Definitely Worth the Stop!

“Neat experience- you can tour the dairy and the pig barns for the ultimate experience! They stop at the swine barn and you take a tour of the building where there is a lot of interactive things for kids to do. You can give a fake pig an ultrasound and there’s a birthing unit where you can watch baby piglets being born. Then, back at the main spot, you can go to a separate barn where they bring laboring cows to deliver so you can watch that also. Then, of course, there’s a shop and restaurant. Definitely worth the stop….especially if you have kids!”

Jami N.

Want to be a Part of the Adventure?

We are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate the public about modern farming efforts. Looking for more information on how to become a sponsor of The Pork Education Center?

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