Grab & Go Sandwiches

Whether you’re on the go or just ready for a quick snack, the Dairycatessen has several grab & go options to satisfy your stomach. Sandwiches and salads are proudly made fresh every day.

Cheese & Ice Cream

Cheese & Ice Cream are staples at our farm.  Stock up on these delicious and award-winning treats at our Dairycatessen.  From sweet to sharp, we have snacks to please every tastebud.

Long Rides Can Be Ruff

As a destination for families, we are proud to expand our offering to four-legged family members too. Located just behind the BP, access to Central Bark (our dog park) is FREE for all travelers.

Squeaky Clean

Known for having the cleanest bathrooms along I-65, we take pride in our cleanliness. Feel good knowing you made the right stop for you and your family.

Local Beer & Wine

We are proud supporters of our local breweries and wineries.

The Dairycatessen has a great selection of Indiana beer and wine. Please remember to be safe, don’t drink and drive.

Want to Order Products for Your Home?

Now that you’ve had a taste of our award-winning cheese at the Dairycatessen, be sure to always have your fridge filled with some of our best products such as meat, cheese and chocolates.  Shop our online store today!

Ready for your adventure?

Escape to the country where you can explore modern farms, eat farm fresh food and enjoy family fun.  Buy your tickets today so that you and your family can Start Your Adventure.

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