Award Winning Cheese

The difference between Fair Oaks Farms’ cheeses is that we control all aspects of the cheese making process beginning with growing the feed that our cows receive, providing incredible cow comfort, harvesting of the freshest milk, and the production of our hand crafted cheeses by our Master Cheese Maker.

We proudly proclaim the merits of our cheeses as evidence by the numerous domestic and international awards we have earned throughout the last decade. Our philosophy for our cheese is simple: our cows, our milk, our cheese – YOUR ENJOYMENT!

Legacy Collection

This top seller is an inspiring medley of some of our favorite gourmet cheeses. The ultimate offering of our smoky, sweet & spicy selections are made in small batches one at a time with our fresh milk, cream & butter right from our farm.

From: $74.99 | Legacy Includes:
• Gouda • Award-Winning Smoked Gouda • Havarti • Havarti Pepper • Award-Winning Sweet Swiss • Emmentaler


Holiday Cheese Tray
Traditional Cheese Collection

Prairie Collection

This top seller was created with sweetness and modesty in mind. This assortment of sweet & mild flavors created for those with a more delicate palate. This combination of our creamiest cheeses creates the ultimate foodie snack.

From: $39.99 | Prairie Includes:
• Muenster • Calico • Havarti • Mild Cheddar

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