40 Acres of Adventure

Our U-Pick Orchard is a beautiful 40-acre orchard with 8 different varieties of apples.

It’s not your typical orchard. Our orchard is not commercial-designed but rather has a back-to-the-farm feel with a lot of airy and open lanes.

All You Can Reach

Our beautiful orchard is unique to our destination.

Bred with dwarf apple trees, all of our branches are lower to the ground so that even the smallest guest gets to pick apples. We want to make this orchard an experience the whole family can enjoy. No ladders needed.

A Berry Good Time

Not only is our orchard equipped with some of the most delicious apples you’ve ever picked, but it’s also home to our berry gardens.  Our berries are picked by our farmers and delivered to the Farmhouse so that our chefs can bring you fresh salads and sweet desserts fresh from the farm.

The Chef’s Garden

Our Chef Garden is located right in the heart of campus providing a delicious bounty for our Farmhouse Restaurant. Although it’s not a part of the orchard, the garden is carefully tended to by the same horticulture specialists.

Things to Explore

Eat at Our House

Now that you’ve learned all about horticulture and where our fresh fruits and vegetables come from, head on over to our Farmhouse Restaurant where you will experience our fresh American cuisine that comes straight from our farm to your fork.

Ready for your adventure?

Escape to the country where you can explore modern farms, eat farm fresh food and enjoy family fun.  Buy your tickets today so that you and your family can Start Your Adventure.

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