U-Pick Apples

We’re sharing our harvest! Join us for apple picking in our orchard. Admission to the U-Pick apple orchard is a $10 per bag (approx. 10lbs.)

100% of the proceeds are being donated to select local charities. We hope that you and your family enjoy a day in the country with us where you make memories that last and dessert at home that doesn’t.

40 Acres of Adventure

Our U-Pick Orchard is a beautiful 40-acre orchard with 8 different varieties of apples.

It’s not your typical orchard. Our orchard is not commercial-designed but rather has a back-to-the-farm feel with a lot of airy and open lanes.

the Pub in the Orchard

Join us for beer and wine at the Orchard Pub this weekend!

Hop on our wagon and then relax with a glass of wine or seasonal craft beer and ciders. Enjoy our scenic picnic area in the middle of our orchard. Adirondack chairs along the creek, picnic blankets and sun shades create a country oasis.
Orchard Pub Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 11a – 5p CST

Orchard Bar and Picnic

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Apple Varieties (Dates May Vary)


Early season apple with a good, crisp, sweet-tart flavor and notes of brown sugar.
Best for fresh eating and cooking.


| SOLD OUT | One of the most widely-grown apple varieties, with a sweet pleasant flavor, and good keeping qualities.
Best for fresh eating.


| SOLD OUT | Crisp and aromatic with a pleasant sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength, depending on maturity.
Best for fresh eating and cooking.

Pixie Crunch*

Small, sweet flavored, crisp and juicy apple. Greenish-yellow base color with 90-100% red-purple overcolor.
Best for fresh eating.

Crimson Crisp*

Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Sweet, sharp flavor, spicy.
Best for fresh eating.


A cross between a tart Jonathan apple and a sweet Golden Delicious. A popular commercial variety.
Best for fresh eating and cooking.


A modern sweet variety, reminiscent of Red Delicious with nuances of both honey and citrus.
Best for fresh eating.

Gold Rush

A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance.
Best for fresh eating and cooking.

* Unique specialty varieties

4 Acre Corn Maze

Get lost in our 4 acre corn maze. Designed with both easy and challenging paths so its fun for all ages. You will notice that we went with an apple-inspired design in our challenging maze to help celebrate the opening of our 40-acre apple orchard.


Corn Maze Map

Apple Picking | Jonagold Apples

The apple orchard at Fair Oaks Farms is filled with eight different varieties of delicious apples ready for you and your family to pick.  One of the bigger apple varieties is called Jonagold.  The Jonagold apple is a late September apple that didn’t make its way into the United States until after the 1950s.

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jonagold apple

All You Can Reach

Our beautiful orchard is unique to our destination.

Bred with dwarf apple trees, all of our branches are lower to the ground so that even the smallest guest gets to pick apples. We want to make this orchard an experience the whole family can enjoy. No ladders needed.


Fairfield by Marriott

Make it a Midwest, Autumn Get-away!

Fairfield by Marriott is offering a unique opportunity this fall with a custom tailored family fun experience for the entire family. Begin your adventure by staying at the Fairfield by Marriott Fair Oaks Farms and receive access to the Orchard, a peck of harvested apples and a commemorative Fair Oaks Farms wooden apple basket.


A Berry Good Time

Not only is our orchard equipped with some of the most delicious apples you’ve ever picked, but it’s also home to our berry gardens.  Our berries are picked by our farmers and delivered to the Farmhouse so that our chefs can bring you fresh salads and sweet desserts fresh from the farm.

The Chef’s Garden

Our Chef Garden is located right in the heart of campus providing a delicious bounty for our Farmhouse Restaurant. Although it’s not a part of the orchard, the garden is carefully tended to by the same horticulture specialists.

apple chutney

Eat At Our House

Now that you’ve learned all about horticulture and where our fresh fruits and vegetables come from, head on over to our Farmhouse Restaurant where you will experience our fresh American cuisine that comes straight from our farm to your fork.

Check out the full menu

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