The Orchard at Fair Oaks Farms is filled with 6,000 apple trees and 8 varieties.  The earliest of those varieties are our zestar apples.  The zestar apple was originally developed by a group of horticulturists in the state of Minnesota and first released to the public in 1999.

What Does a Zestar Taste Like?

Although the name of this apple makes it seem like you would bite into something bold and overpowering, zestar apples are tart and mildly sweet in flavor.  When you bite into this crisp fruit, you may be able to taste hints of brown sugar, giving you that fall feeling.  This tangy apple has an outer skin that embodies a crisp texture which makes it a great baking apple.

What are Zestar Apples Good For?

Because of the tart, sweet flavor of this apple and its crisp skin, it makes a great baking apple.  This apple is best known for fresh eating, baking, and even salads.  If you’re looking for a picnic idea, try pairing this apple with our 4 Year Cheddar.  Or, if your palate is a little more advanced, get adventurous and pair it with our 7 Year Cheddar.

Fun Facts About Zestar Apples

Zestar apples perform better in cooler climates.  These apples maintain their flavor and crunch for up to two months when refrigerated.  So, if you are looking for a great apple for lunch boxes or snacks on the go, this apple will maintain its crunch even after days sitting in your fruit bowl.

The Orchard at Fair Oaks Farms is open now through October 14.  Watch our schedule online to find out which varieties are available when you go picking!

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