Dog-a-Palooza is THIS SATURDAY and we couldn’t be any more excited! In just a few days over a hundred dogs and their humans will be gathering at Fair Oaks Farms® to celebrate man’s best friend with an Amateur Dog Show, Canines in the Cloud, an on-site vet and groomer, vendors, contests, and our 2K Dog Walk to benefit the Shelter of the Year! This year we’ve got the cream of the crop when it comes to vendors, and lots of them will provide pet products or services for your pup! One of those great vendors is Uncle D’s Homemade Dog Treats, a small business out of Lafayette, Indiana, owned and run by David Cripe. Read below to see why we’re excited to have David join us, and why your dog should get excited too — hint: these treats are going to be pawesome!


How did you get into the dog treat business?
David: I started making treats for my dogs and eventually started making them for family and friends. When their dogs liked them so much they suggested I should try to sell them. My father-in-law does woodworking and had a booth at a local festival and told me I could set up a table at his booth and see what happens. I sold out of the treats I made and the rest is history!

What is your favorite part about having a dog-centric business?
David: I love talking about my dogs and hearing about other peoples dogs. Also, how people love to spoil their dogs.

What was the process for creating your own dog treat recipe?
David: I actually found the recipe in a church recipe cookbook from when I was a kid. There was a recipe for chicken treats and peanut butter. The lady who contributed the recipe is no longer with us and she had no family, so I thought I would use them.

Do you have multiple recipes/flavors? If so, what are they?
David: Yes, I have 5 flavors right now, Apple/Cinnamon, Beef, Chicken, Peanut Butter and Turkey. I am hoping to also have Pumpkin and Sweet Potato. I should also add that I make 4 different sizes in all 5 flavors. I have treats for every type of dog.

Do you use any special ingredients?
David: No, all the ingredients I use are what you would use to cook things with at home. I even tell people that if their kids should happen to eat one it wouldn’t hurt them. I even tell some women that if their husbands should happen to get into the doghouse with them they could give them to their husbands!

Do you own dogs?
David: Yes, my wife, Lori and I have 3 dogs, Addison, Clark and Sheffield. All 3 are rescues. Addison is a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. Clark and Sheffield are both Pomeranian mixes but not related. Actually, they are the reason why I started making the treats in the first place, I call them my Quality Control Department! If they don’t like it then I wouldn’t make that flavor anymore, but so far I haven’t found anything they don’t like.

What is your favorite part about being a vendor at festivals and events like Dog-a-Palooza?
David: Seeing how other people light up when they talk about their fur babies! I have a couple of people who come to the festivals and craft shows just to buy my treats. That really makes me feel good. I tell my dogs when I am making all these treats that a lot of other doggies are going to be happy just like they are. I should also say here that I ONLY sell my treats at festivals and craft shows. Because of my full-time job, I don’t have time to do special or online orders. So if you don’t come out to the festivals, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get any. I do have a Facebook page that I use to advertise when and where I will be selling treats. I usually post on there a couple of weeks ahead of time. The Facebook page is

What are you most looking forward to at Dog-a-Palooza?
David: Meeting new people and their dogs and hopefully creating some more repeat customers. Hope to see you there!


Dog-a-Palooza takes place June 9th from 5 to 10 pm at Fair Oaks Farms. You still have time to register for our 2K Dog Walk! Check out our website for all the infurmation!