Friendsgiving is quickly becoming one of the hottest get-togethers of the year. The Farmhouse Restaurant is hosting its first batch of Friendsgiving dinners in the month of November!  The evening consists of a beautiful meal, an exclusive meet and greet with our Executive Chef and a stress-free environment that welcomes laughter and fully satisfied bellies.

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But, what if you can’t make it to our amazing event and want to plan a Friendsgiving all on your own?  One of the biggest struggles for those planning this event is what to serve for dinner?  We’re here to help you with some great and unique ideas that can set your Friendsgiving apart from the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Appetizers that Impress

When everyone arrives, we understand that you need to allow for some time to mingle and catch up with one another.  For that reason, we suggest having some great appetizers to snack on while chatting!  We wouldn’t be a great dairy farm if we didn’t suggest an amazing cheese plate.  We make it super easy for you to impress your guests with a plate full of delicious, award-winning cheeses.  You can even create a cheese and wine pairing opportunity before dinner, kicking the dinner the party off in a fun way!

Side Dish Plan

If you’re hosting your first Friendsgiving, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.  You need to get the house clean, the main course ready and don’t forget the decorations to give your dinner party more pizzazz!  But, then what about the side dishes?

Our suggestion is to assign side dishes to your friends!  This takes some of the stress away from your plate, not to mention it does tend to get a little pricey if you are providing the whole menu for everyone.

One thing that you could suggest is for someone to kick off the dinner party with a soup pumpkin soupand side salad mix.  This gets the mood set, gets those tummies from rumbling and creates a warm atmosphere.  Here are our suggestions for great Fall Soups.  One of our favorites is the Pumpkin Provolone Soup but they’re all delicious!  Pumpkin adds flavor and color to your dinner table!

Friendsgiving’s Main Course

Unlike Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be so formal or traditional when it comes to choosing a main dish for dinner.  First things first, you know your friends and have probably had dinner with them a time or two…or three.  What kind of food do they like?  Are they adventurous or do they tend to play more along the safe side?  Do they have an advanced palate?

You can always play it safe (yet yummy) with a recipe such as a Honey Glazed Baked honey glazed hamHam.  We’re not completely forgetting the turkey, but ham is a great alternative and gets your guests excited for something different on the menu.  Besides, you don’t want them getting sleepy after dinner, do you?

If you think that you and your friends can get a little more adventurous with the main course, try something completely off the wall such as this Slow-Roasted Salmon with Ginger and Chipotle.

We hope that these ideas inspire you to create the perfect Friendsgiving menu!  But, before we call it a wrap, there’s one last thing that we haven’t discussed – drinks!  Cocktails are always a great thing to include in your menu.  We suggest something more holiday-inspired to go along with the theme.  You can try this amazing Pecan Pie Martini by Delish.

Whether you Join Us for Friendsgiving at Our House or choose to create one of your own, we hope that you have an amazing holiday with friends and family that create memories that last a lifetime!