With the winter season in full swing, you’re probably busy shoveling sidewalks and scraping ice off your windshield.  You probably don’t have time to sit down and figure out how to entertain the kids this coming winter break, but you know that cabin fever will set in and eventually you’ll hear those dreaded two words, “I’m bored”.

It’s hard to keep the kids entertained when the weather outside is frightful.  But you know that it’s important to get everyone out of the house every now and then.  So, what is there to do during winter break?  We have some ideas that will make planning easy!

I Want to Avoid “I’m Bored”

Winter Break Staycation

The kids need to run off energy and you need a break from house chores.  Why not book a quick and easy winter break staycation at our Fairfield by Marriott hotel?  This beautiful new hotel features family suites complete with bunk beds, free breakfast and a pool with waterslide.  The kids will have a blast playing in our unique pool and you can relax in our indoor/outdoor hot tub.  The lobby has pool tables and the hotel is conveniently attached to the Farmhouse Restaurant for an easy sit-down meal or take-out!

A Walk in the Woods

If you’re looking for a nice outdoor experience with the family, enjoy a walk through the woods!  We have a beautiful new path through the woods behind the Farmhouse Restaurant.  There are almost three miles of pathways where the kids can run, and the dog can enjoy a nice stroll.  Go after a fresh snowfall for some gorgeous Instagram-worthy photographs.

Experience Virtual Reality

Visit the new Dairy Adventure and experience farming in virtual reality.  Join our mascot, Stemmie as she takes you on a virtual tour of our farms.  After that, enjoy a 3D/4D movie and see how Diva Mooreau relaxes.  Slide down our silo curly slide and check out a real live birth in our Birthing Barn.  The new Dairy Adventure is a great new attraction full of entertainment and education!  A great way to spend winter break.

Buy Tickets

Grab your tickets and book your hotel stay.  Fair Oaks Farms offers the perfect options for winter break that will keep you entertained and stress-free.  For more things to explore at the farm, visit here.