What is Fair in the Air?

The weather is finally warming up and the grass is starting to bear the tinge of a green hue.  It’s not painful to walk outside and some days we can even leave the house without a jacket.  It’s a breath of fresh air – literally.

During spring, Fair Oaks Farms launches their first festival of the year – Fair in the Air.  But, you might be wondering what Fair in the Air is?

Fair in the Air is a kite festival held on the events field at Fair Oaks Farms.  The event first launched in 2014.  The idea behind the event was to bring a sport to the farm that was unusual but also had a tie (no pun intended) to childhood memories for our staff and guests.  I mean, who didn’t fly a kite as a child?

So, What’s Involved?

After doing some research and learning that kite festivals were actually pretty popular among the Midwest, our festivals team decided that it was something so special that we needed to host our own!  We spoke with an array of kite teams and learned as much as we could from the Hoosier Kitefliers Society who were gracious enough to send us as much information as they could.  There were rules about power lines and how far trees could be from the space and the wind direction – so much that we needed to learn!

Sport Kite Teams

We mention this a lot whenever we talk about Fair in the Air.  But, you may not know what a sport kite team really is.

A sport kite team is a group of talented individuals who fly their kites to music.  If you think about synchronized swimming – imagine that with kites in the sky.  The sport is intricate and tricky.  Between dual kites and quad kites, the ultimate goal is to not get tangled up in your partners’ kites all while maintaining form in the sky.

 Credit: 180Go! Kite Team

The post is pretty competitive and because of the American Kitefliers Association (AKA), they’ve made it easier for kite lovers and fliers to come together as a community and for the love of the sport.

The history of kites can date back to more than 2,000 years ago! “The earliest written accounts of kite flying were the exploits of the Chinese general Han Hsin, Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.). During one military campaign, the general was said to have had a kite flown above a besieged town to calculate the distance his army would have to tunnel to reach under the city wall.” – AKA

Show Kites

Now show kites can really amaze.  Although they aren’t synchronized like the talented performance teams, these kites can really steal the show.

Show kites are large kites that can be as large as school buses.  They are usually anchored down to the ground with the owner’s vehicle.

 Credit: gombergkites.com

Other Activities

Beyond the talents of sport kite teams and our show kite owners, we do offer kids their own kites when they purchase admission to one of our attractions: The Dairy Adventure or The Pig Adventure (the Crop Adventure is included in both at no extra cost).

We also feature a Candy Drop opportunity twice.  One of our kite teams, The Blues Brothers, raises a kite into the air which then drops candy and kids are able to race out onto the field to grab as much sweetness as they can handle!

What should I bring?

We always recommend that our guests bring either a blanket or lawn chairs so that you can sit and enjoy watching the beautiful kites soar in the air.  Dogs are allowed at the event (on a leash) but are not allowed inside buildings.

Fair in the Air is a free event but please remember that if you want to visit any of our attractions that they are regular priced admission for the day.  You can purchase tickets ahead of time here.

Buy Tickets

We hope you enjoy Fair in the Air!  The event takes place on May 11, 2019, from 10 am – 4 pm CST.