What’s your apple personality? Are you a softy like Gala? or maybe you sometimes feel a little lost like Cameo. Keep reading to find out which personality type you match up with!


You’re punctual. You tend to be first to arrive at events or parties. At first, you come off as a little hard-headed but once people really get to know you, you’re pretty sweet. You’ve got a zest for life and fun. You’re a solid friend. More than likely, you mesh well with people that have salty personalities. On the weekends you’re most likely to be doing something adventurous.

Zestar is an early season apple. It’s known for its sweet, yet tart taste.


You’re kind of a softy. You tend to be friends with everyone in the group. You’re known for being the peacemaker. You’re sweet, but you tend to be on the sensitive side. You enjoy hanging out with a small group of friends on the weekend – most likely with a glass of chardonnay in hand.

Gala is known for being a sweet, soft apple. Great for fresh eating.


You’re the queen bee. Everyone loves you and wants your time. Although you’re popular with the crowds, you are also super sweet which makes you even more lovable. You love socializing and being part of a group. Your best friends tend to be on the harder side and understand that you’re kind of high maintenance. On the weekends, you can be found hanging out in large social gatherings snacking on some Gouda cheese.

Honeycrisp is a very popular variety, yet hard to take care of. Farmers spend a lot more time taking care of this variety.


You’re the modern girl. You follow all of the fashion trends and never go out of style. You’re known for your cute personality but have a hidden sour side to you. You tend to take care of yourself and love a healthy lifestyle. You’re college-educated and more than likely bleed Black & Gold.

Pixie Crunch is patented by Purdue University. It’s known as the modern, disease-resistant apple.


Family means everything to you. You’re the perfect combination of both your mom and dad. Your bold personality beams and makes you center of attention. People love your large personality. On the weekends you’re more than likely shopping for sweet perfumes and enjoying weekends at the beach.

Jonagold is known for being the perfect blend of its parent varieties: Jonathan apples and Golden Delicious.

Crimson Crisp

You’re a Midwestern girl who wants it all. You dream big and love lavish things. Although you’re known by some to have a lovely personality, others may see a tart side to you. You love new experiences and aren’t afraid of taking chances. On the weekends you can be found shopping or traveling.

Crimson Crisp was developed in Illinois and Indiana regions. It’s known for its rich flavor.


Sometimes you feel a little lost. You’re interested in your family history and love genealogy. You enjoy hosting parties and creating Pinterest recipes in order to please your guests. On the weekends you can be found enjoying crafts and music.

The parentage of Cameo is unknown. It’s thought to be a combination of a Red Delicious and a Gold Delicious but nothing has been confirmed.

Gold Rush

You’re known to be the procrastinator of the group. You love the thrill of waiting until the last minute to complete a project. You show up late to social gatherings but know how to smooth things over once you arrive. You love all things fall and have a little bit of a bitter personality that people have grown to love. On the weekends you enjoy isolated activities like binging on the latest Netflix series.

Gold Rush is a smooth-skinned apple that is ready late in the season.


So, what Apple Personality are you?!

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