Multiple audits have been performed with positive results in the last 60 days and there will continue to be frequent and unannounced audits going forward. Audits will be an incredibly useful tool for our Animal Welfare Experts in helping to refine and continuously improve our animal welfare practices. The company that we contracted with, FSNS a leading animal welfare organization, has brought many valuable insights with their highly trained auditors. We have committed to regular, unannounced audits by FSNS to make sure we’re meeting the highest standards of care for our animals. All audits conducted at Fair Oaks Farms are sent to and evaluated by the National FARM Animal Care program, which is the entity responsible for overseeing all audits from participating dairy farms and determining their standing within the FARM program.


After the incident that was brought to our attention on June 4th, Fair Oaks Farms was placed on probation in the FARM program. Based on the positive results from the audits performed over the last 60 days, Fair Oaks Farms is back in good standing with the FARM program and we continue to strive to improve our Animal Welfare Practices.

Additionally, unannounced second party audits by Select Milk Producers’ Animal Welfare and Quality Control Veterinarian, Dr. Brandon Treichler, will be performed at least three times per year.

Both of our Animal Welfare Experts along with Dr. Treichler will engage with the FSNS auditors on an ongoing basis to ensure that our farms operate in a continuous improvement mindset going forward.