Things to Do with Kids: Cooking!

If you’re looking for things to do with kids, might we suggest cooking?

Cooking is a great way to spend quality time with your family.  Whether your kids are big or small, cooking is something that bonds everybody together.  The importance of food and nutrition is best taught at a young age.

In a world where technology has taken over our society, we need bonding time with our kids more than ever.  But, if the device is too hard to take away, use it as a tool to look up delicious and unique recipes together.

Cooking with your kids educates and empowers them to make healthy food choices.  It explores their creativity, organizational skills and encourages math skills and time management.

We just launched a new web series called “Cooking with Kids” where our Executive Chefs of The Farmhouse Restaurant cook with a different child each month.  They will create seasonally-inspired dishes and teach kids about measuring, temperature, mixing and more!

“Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend time with them.  It also teaches them about the organization.” Says our Executive Chef, Jorge Sullon.

Although we don’t currently offer cooking classes for our guests, we do offer key ingredients for meals that add flavor and important nutritious factors.  Shop at our Dairycatessan and find products such as our milk, butter, cheese and several choices of fresh meat.  We also offer eggs and bacon that can be whipped up for a delicious breakfast to start your day.

Grab some of your favorite Fair Oaks Farms products such as milk, butter, and our award-winning cheddar and give this recipe a try from

Cheesy Sausage, Broccoli and Quinoa Casserole

To watch the first episode of Cooking with Kids, click here.