The Top 5 Kinds of Cheese for Memorial Day Cookouts

Family cookouts are a staple for Memorial Day Weekend planning here in the states.  Nothing quite kicks off the summer like a juicy burger straight from the grill topped with the best and most delicious fresh ingredients.  One of those ingredients – cheese.  In this article, we are going to be talking about the top 5 kinds of cheese for Memorial Day cookouts.

Although this Memorial Day might not be the weekend some of us have planned. There are still ways to enjoy and honor the holiday weekend while responsibly adhering to the socially distanced guidelines or sheltering in place according to your local governor’s & CDC recommendations. Firing up the grill at home is a great way to celebrate!

We are no stranger to cheese here at Fair Oaks Farms.  In fact, our cheese has gone on to win multiple awards including the American Cheese Society, the United States Championship Cheese Contest and the World Championship Cheese Contest.


Perhaps the most popular cheese for burgers is cheddar.  Our Cheddar ranges in age from Mild up to 11 years and counting.  The salty, bold flavor of our cheddar brings out the prominent flavors in BBQ sauce and bacon.

Smoked Gouda

Who doesn’t love that smoky flavor added to their grilled burgers during the summer?  Fair Oaks Farms’ Smoked Gouda.  According to Food & Wine, Smoked Gouda is the perfect compliment horseradish sauce.  Our Smoked Gouda has gone on to win many of the cheese awards including 2nd place in the World Dairy Expo in 2016.

Havarti Habanero

If you have an adventurous palate, you may go with a cheese that has a bit of a kick to it.  Add some spice to your burger with our Havarti Habanero.  This cheese will make the summer temperatures rise and is not only great for your burgers but makes a great cheese for nachos as well.

Sweet Swiss

One of our best sellers and top award winners, Sweet Swiss, is a great cheese for those who are wanting to pair their burgers with a nice glass of fruity wine.  The mild, sweet flavor of this cheese is great for those who want a great tasting burger with a delicious, mild flavor.  Our Sweet Swiss has won Best of Class at the American Cheese Society and flies off the shelves in our stores.


This cheese is our top pick for those who have children. It’s also a great choice for those who want to get creative with their burger toppings without battling an over-powering cheese flavor.  Our award-winning Muenster has a mild, buttery flavor which is good for those who have a picky palate.  Our Muenster has won first place at the World Dairy Expo.

From mild to bold flavors, we have you covered in the cheese department.  Our cheeses are available online or in-store at our Cowfé or Dairycatessen.  Wow your guests with these top 5 kinds of cheese for Memorial Day cookouts.

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