Finding the best gift ideas for someone is always something that all of us struggle with. When it comes to our friends and loved ones, we really want to give them something that they love and are excited about.
Sometimes we come across those in our life who are very hard to shop for and the idea of the best gift goes out the window. It leaves you feeling frustrated and completely defeated. So, what are the top 5 best gift ideas from Indiana?
We are here to help you with the best gift ideas that come locally from our very own state of Indiana that make the perfect gift for anyone.

Buy Gifts

Fair Oaks Farms®️ is located in Northwest Indiana and features tours of modern working farms such as the dairy and pig farms. Their mission is to educate the public about where your food comes from, nutrition and the importance of animal care.
More and more, consumers are curious about the process of their food, where it comes from and the safety of it.
The great thing about Fair Oaks Farms is that they have the opportunity to monitor their whole process.
They monitor what their animals are eating, their daily intake and making sure the animals are safe, happy and are producing nutritious and delicious products that their customers can count on.

Gourmet Gift Collections

Some of the products that the farm offers are their gourmet gift collections. We picked the gourmet gifts as one of the best gift ideas because of their uniqueness and class.
It’s an Indiana secret and a great one that we are spreading the word about.
The gift collections are handpicked varieties of their award-winning cheeses put together to please the palate of anyone. And to put it frankly, who doesn’t love cheese?

Cheese is a Great Gift

From cooking meals such as pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and salads to snacking or creating an experience with your loved ones like an in-home wine and cheese pairing, cheese (especially award-winning) can top the list as one of the best gift ideas.
Check out some of the top-selling gourmet gift collections from Fair Oaks Farms such as the Heartland Collection that offers a mixture of both smoked and spicy cheese varieties.
Or how about the Meadow Collection that features more of the traditional flavors. You can also add on some mouthwatering crackers or some delicious summer sausage for an even bigger WOW factor.
The best thing about ordering a gourmet gift collection online is that all of the collections feature free shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Check out this fun video about their Gourmet Gifts.

Gift Box Bells! from Fair Oaks Farms on Vimeo.

Award-Winning Wine

It just so happens that a quaint little winery is located right down the road from Fair Oaks Farms. So, if you’re looking to please some of your adult friends and family members, look into adding a bottle of wine to your gourmet gift for an added experience.
Carpenter Creek Cellars has won several awards on some of their varietals.

Go Blue

In Indiana, we take football seriously. I mean, really seriously.
You’ll see most small towns huddled together on the bleachers every Friday night during the fall cheering on their football teams.
So, what better gift idea from Indiana than supporting our very own NFL team?
Grab some Colts tickets online for your favorite football fan and make their Sunday nights something to look forward to.

Take a Cave Tour

Did you know that Indiana features some really cool caves? Travel to southern Indiana where Marengo Caves give you some amazing tours underground. Marengo Caves is a U.S. National Natural Landmark. You can purchase tickets for your loved ones online.
*Fun Fact. Did you know that cheese used to be aged in caves? Caves used to be an ideal place for aging cheese due to their high levels of humidity and low temperatures.

Show Your College Pride

Indiana is full of some of the best colleges in the United States. We take pride in the schools that we have here in our beautiful state. More than likely, the people you are shopping for have a particular college that they are especially fond of.
Support the school and your loved one by purchasing collegiate apparel or gifts such as blankets or hats!

We hope that these gift ideas help it make it a little easier for you while you’re shopping. Maybe some of these things were already on your list or maybe some of them were a surprise to you and gave you some inspiration. These gift ideas are sure to make someone smile.

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