With summer upon us, we are excited to announce that our newest Adventure is here! The WinField Crop Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms officially opens today, Monday June 20, 2016!

We are opening our doors to guests to get the first look. In this new installment you will Start Your Adventure by watching a short video on where farming is headed in the near future.  What can generations to come expect with modern technology and innovation?

You will get to move around the globe to get a better idea of how crops and the environment effect our daily lives with interactive maps. Check out where different crops come from! Then you will make your way underground through the roots system where you can learn about different types of soil, hear and see a virtual rainstorm, and see down into the roots of corn (after all, we are located right in the corn belt). As you make your way back towards the surface you will play interactive games where you will have a chance to become the farmer!

After a hard season in the fields, take a walk into town and see the fruits of your labor right there on the shelf at the local supermarket.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take some corny shots with our props, and make your mark at our newest selfie station! After some great smiles and laughs, see the advanced technology that farming is using today, and how the future of farming is growing with our future generations.

The WinField Crop Adventure is included FREE with the purchase of admission.  To see more information visit fofarms.com/adventures/crop-adventure13418935_1217403918284061_1877694852597473437_n