Thanksgiving break is here, and the family members are starting to move into your house for the week.  The rooms are clean, and the beds are made.  Everything is prepped and ready for them.  But then they arrive.  Some initial hugs, reminiscing and storytelling ensues but quickly you realize that you need to entertain them for the few days while they’re in town.

It’s hard to find things to do for the entire family.  The kids want to run off energy, the adults want to relax.  How do you find that balance to make sure that everyone is happy, and the holiday isn’t a complete disaster?

Sometimes it’s just best to get out of the house.

Keep the home clean and entertain your family by taking a visit to Fair Oaks Farms.  This unique destination is the perfect place to keep everyone happy while not breaking the bank.

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Not Enough Room for Everyone?

Book the family a stay at the Fairfield by Marriott Fair Oaks Farms hotel this Thanksgiving break.  The beautiful, unique location features family suites, an indoor/outdoor hot tub, a gorgeous pool with a water slide and free breakfast!  It’s conveniently attached to the Farmhouse Restaurant for a great sit-down meal or easy take-out!  Let’s not forget the full-service bar where the adults to grab their favorite cocktails and relax.

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Thanksgiving Break Entertainment:

The agricultural tours at Fair Oaks Farms combine the best of both worlds for you and your herd: play and learning.  Let the kids run off some steam in any of our play areas such as our treehouse, our silo slide or our ropes course.  Learn all about modern agriculture in each of our three tours such as dairy farming, pig farming, and crop farming.

The Dairy Adventure is a great look at the way a modern dairy operates.  Learn all about what we feed our cows, different occupations in the dairy industry, the benefits that milk gives our body and so much more.  See how we turn manure into CNG and power our fleet and farms.  The kids can have fun on our silo slide, our virtual reality tour, and our 3D/4D movie!

The Pig Adventure will take you into the daily life of a pig.  See the pigs grow from newborns to adults.  See how our modern technology feeds them and keeps track of them.  See how smart these animals are!  Challenge yourself on our 3-story ropes course, play in our custom treehouse and use an interactive sonogram to find piglets!

The Crop Adventure is a must-see!  It’s a great attraction that teaches you about the world’s natural resources, modern farming technology and what the future could look like!  See our floating globe, go underground and hang out with the bugs and put lettuce on your head and learn all about innovation! Yep, that’s right – you’ll actually have a head of lettuce!

Let the Dogs Out!

Do the extra guests bring along their four-legged family members as well?  The dog park here at Fair Oaks Farms is free and is open year-round!  Get the dogs out of the house and let them run around in our park!

The dog park is a great place to meet new friends and escape cabin fever.  Not to mention, our beautiful hotel is also dog-friendly should you need a place to sit & stay!

Treat Yourself:

It’s the holiday, after all, it’s time to treat yourself to the finer things.  Our destination offers great restaurant options.  Chow down on one of our Almost Famous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at our flagship building, the Cowfé!  Grab some delicious fried chicken and mashed potatoes at our Farmhouse Restaurant.  Treat the whole family to some amazing ice cream and don’t forget to take home some award-winning cheese!

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