Sunflower patches are AMAZING spots for photos.

If you are looking for your next Instagram-worthy or holiday card photo spot, head to a sunflower patch. It’s true. If you have ever driven past a sunflower patch and seen the green and yellow sun-loving flowers stretch on for acres, then you know what we are talking about. There is something about a sunflower patch: it is so serene, so natural, so timeless, so elegant, and so breathtakingly beautiful. What better place to plan your next Instagram post or holiday card photo?!  

So, how should you dress for a perfect sunflower picture? The key is to integrate with the backdrop. You want to let the colors of the sunflower patch take center stage in your photos. We recommend you dress fairly neutrally, and consider subtle pops of greens, plums, browns or dark blues. Denim works great too because it feels so natural to the setting. Sundresses are always a great choice for women or children. Why not put on a hat?! If you’re going with a group, try to coordinate.  

Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness, optimism, positivity, cheerfulness, and are as warm and inviting as the summer sun itself. Click here for some fun facts on Sunflowers!

The sunflower season is so brief, which makes it all the more special. Plan your sunflower adventure soon before they are all gone! You’ll be sure to get the perfect photos to be used anywhere.

The Fair Oaks Farms sunflower patch provides the ideal backdrop for any photo. Once you reach the patch, we will have an overlook at the chicken barn that provides the perfect photo op. Wander through the patch at your own pace, taking closeups of the flowers, and the “must have” photo of your hands in the air in amazement at the beauty surrounding you. Click here to learn more!