Ah, it’s the beginning of another year.  It’s a fresh start and a clean slate.  One of the most common goals of people beginning the new year is achieving a healthier lifestyle.  Those things may include a healthier diet and a better exercise routine.  It’s hard knowing where to start or what to do.  There are so many diet routines, so many exercise routines…it can be overwhelming at times.  We have some simple ideas for you in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle this year!

Keto-Friendly Snacks

We are well aware that ketogenic diets are very popular right now.  And, instead of telling you to try this or that, we thought that we could just give you some super simple snack ideas that would fall under the keto rules!

One of the easiest keto-friendly snacks that you can make is cheese crisps.  It’s SO simple!  The first thing that you would need is some Cheddar cheese.  Shred the cheese into heaping piles.  Place them on a baking sheet (on top of parchment paper) into small piles.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and then bake for around 7 minutes.  Let cool and voila!

Another idea for a quick and easy keto-friendly snack is Greek Yogurt.  Did you know that we sell some delicious Greek Yogurt in our Cowfé?  Snatch some up next time you visit for a delicious and healthy snack.  The benefits of eating yogurt are that it helps decrease appetite and creates a feeling of fullness so that you don’t overeat!

One more keto-friendly snack would be our Premium Beef Sticks.  These little gems are packed with flavor and follow all of the ketogenic diet rules!  No need to skip on flavor while trying to follow a healthier lifestyle.  Pair the beef sticks with any of our cheeses for the perfect combination.  These sticks can be easily purchase online or in-store!

Get Moving Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling.  It can actually be fun when you are doing something that you enjoy!  We have a couple of great ideas to get you moving this year without realizing it!

One of our newer options here at the farm is a 2-mile outdoor trail through the woods.  This little secret is located right to the south of the Farmhouse and conveniently outside of the hotel.  Grab your dog and go for a relaxing walk through the woods.  Or, if you’re feeling up to it, go for a quick jog!  This scenic path is private and peaceful.

Play in our pool when you stay at the hotel.  Our pool includes basketball hoops and a slide.  So, when you’re swimming around with the family, you won’t even realize you’re exercising because you will be having so much fun!  Swimming is a great way to keep your heart rate up but take the stress away from your body.

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Visit our free dog park and play with your pup!  Our dog park has two options: a small dog park and a large dog park.  Spend time playing with your dog and moving!  Playing with your dog is not only great physical exercise for both of you but it also creates amazing mental stimulation for your furry family member!  Our dog park is open year-round.

For more ideas on things to do, check out this article!