It’s mid-season for apples and that means that Pixie Crunch is ready to pick at Fair Oaks Farms!  Pixie Crunch was first discovered in 1947 in Kent, England and is a modern, disease-resistant variety.  By the 1970s, consumers were enjoying this particular apple.  This amazing apple enjoys rainy climates, which made England the perfect spot for this apple to first grow!

What Does a Pixie Crunch Taste Like?

The Pixie Crunch apple is a sweet apple with a mild tart flavor.  It’s known for its amazing crunchy texture – hence the name!  This smaller apple is jam-packed full of flavor.  When you store this variety, the flavor continues to develop over time eventually losing most of its tartness.

What is a Pixie Crunch Apple Good For?

The Pixie Crunch is one of the ultimate apples for fresh eating.  Because of its flavor and size, it’s the perfect apple for kids and lunchboxes.  If you’re looking for the best apple for no-sugar recipes, this variety is your best bet!  Because of its sweetness, no sugar is needed!  When baking, this apple variety is sure to cook up tender every time!

What Cheese Pairs Well?

Because of its amazing flavor and sweetness, we are suggesting that you pair this particular apple with our Fair Oaks Farms’ Mild Cheddar.  In fact, we’ve found the perfect recipe for you to try that combines both of them.  Check out this Cheddar Apple Butternut Squash Soup recipe by the Half-Baked Harvest and let us know what you think!

The Orchard at Fair Oaks Farms is a 40-acre orchard with 8 different apple varieties.  The orchard is open and airy with wide lanes and short trees so even the smallest guests can pick!