On September 14, 2020, Fair Oaks Farms is hosting an exclusive adventure to Home School Groups.  Groups will have a hands-on learning experience, outdoor in the Orchard!  We’ll explore the formation of trees, apples, and pumpkins.  After the lesson, the students spend approximately 20 minutes picking their own apples or pumpkins to take home.  Because we know times are uncertain, we are happy to refund or reschedule any reservations with 24 hours notice.

Two unique curricula are designed based on age.  Days can be structured as a half-day or full day.  Limited availability – please inquire if you are interested in participating!

I.  The Living Orchard – Grade School Age.  The orchard is alive in more ways than you may realize! In this lesson, students will learn about all the living organisms, plants, and animals that contribute to life in the orchard. We will explore what else lives in the orchard besides the trees? What do the trees and apples need to stay alive? We’ll have a Pumpkins 101 lesson to learn about all about the what, where, when, and how of pumpkins and their growth cycles.

II. All About Apples – Pre-school Age:  We will explore the different parts of a tree, how an apple forms, all about pumpkins, and learn about Farmer Matt’s duties.

$5.00 per person – Rate based on 20+ groups.  For smaller groups, please inquire.

School group days can be full or half day, and can also be combined with Adventure Tours of Dairy, Crop or Pigs, based upon your group schedule.


Please contact Lisa Roozee to learn more! Direct: 219-394-5322

Email: lisar@fofarms.com


At Fair Oaks Farms, you can experience all the beauty of fall during Harvest Season, which includes activities like apple picking, an all-family Pub in the Orchard, an incredible nature trail, pumpkins, picnics, and the Harvest Market which features all kinds of seasonal goodies!

Harvest Season festivities are open every weekend from August 22, 2020 – November 1, 2020. During the full month of October, there are special events almost every single weekend!

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