What! It’s almost fall and we all know what that means. As of Labor Day weekend, Mooville closes during the week and is only open on the fantastic fall weekend of CowtoberFest.


I know it’s hard to imagine our lives without this outdoor dairy playground for a grueling 7 months out of the year so let’s just bask in the fact that we still have time to enjoy those moments of Mooville greatness while we still can!

Conqueror of vertical limits, the Udder Heights of our milk bottle is something that can’t be written about- only experienced. How many times have you told someone, “yeah I climbed up a 20 foot milk bottle today, what did you do?” AHH! The look on their faces when we tell them that story, right? I’m going to miss that!


How many flips did you manage to whip out this summer on our Cow-A-Bunga? I seriously tried three in a row and although I didn’t quite conquer that third diving spiral of a jump, I consider this to be a successful summer and know what I must challenge myself with next year! Ugh…I’m going to miss that!!

I couldn’t get enough of Dairy Air this year. I am pretty sure that I’ve built up my entire summer stamina on that big giant pillow full of fun. It’s hard not to make a friend or two while you’re enjoying that bouncy fun. I am SO going to miss that!


Don’t forget swirling through the cheese maze, racing each other on the peddle tractors or enjoying a leisurely ride on the Moo Choo Train!! I’m going to miss all of that!!


The good thing is that we still have time to enjoy those attractions before they are completely closed for the season and when they are…there’s always that crazy ropes course in The Pork Education Center!

Mooville closes after Labor Day and opens one last time for the season during CowtoberFest, October 10-11.


For more information on CowtoberFest visit fofarms.com/cowtoberfest