Group Tours: The Ultimate Planning Guide

Fair Oaks Farms, located in Fair Oaks Indiana, is no stranger to the group tour community.  We’ve been hosting groups of twenty people or more since we opened our doors in 2004.  But we wanted to create a tool for group tours to make planning their trip to the farm a little easier – The Ultimate Planning Guide.

Group tour visitors are able to discover something pretty unexpected when they visit our farm.  You see, we aren’t just any ordinary farm.  Our pathways are paved and clean.  Our buildings are vast and air-conditioned.  Our attractions are unique and interesting.

Fair Oaks Farms is a one-of-a-kind destination located in Northwest Indiana.  To put it simply, we educate the general public about modern farming efforts, nutrition, and animal care in an interesting and entertaining fashion.

Our three main attractions: The Dairy Adventure, The Pig Adventure, and The Crop Adventure feature live animals, births, interactive displays, state-of-the-art exhibits, movies and wonderful things to look at.  The American Bus Association has voted us the Best of the Best for both 2017 & 2018!

So, where do you even begin?

What to See:

Start your trip by visiting the Crop Adventure.  The Crop Adventure opened its doors in 2016 and is a great place to start because farming all starts with the seed.  Learn about how our resources are dwindling but the population is growing.  Learn all about soil, bugs and how weather affects the crop.  Look into the future and watch our “What If” wall to see the possibilities for the future.

Next, head on over to The Pig Adventure where you will learn all about the life of the magnificent pig.  Tour groups get to experience a modern pig farm first-hand.  From “showering in” to the farm to witnessing a newborn piglet takes its’ first steps, this attraction is sure to leave a lasting impression on each guest.

Third, visit our flagship attraction, The Dairy Adventure.  Completely renovated and reopened in February of 2019, this attraction features a live birth of a calf, dairy families from all over the country and a look at how we manage to milk 72 cows in 8 minutes.  This must-experience attraction takes our older guests down memory lane but also shows off some of the latest state-of-the-art technologies used in the industry today.

Finally, groups are encouraged to visit our Cowfé where they can sample all of our award-winning cheeses. This one-of-a-kind building is filled with a café, an ice cream counter, a souvenir shop, a window that gives a behind-the-scenes look at our factory and of course, our cheese counter.

Depending on the time of year, our Apple Orchard will be open and ready for picking.  Be sure to include apple picking in your package if you are booking in late summer/early fall.


What to Eat:

Let’s start with your meal choices.  When you first start planning your group tour, your tour coordinator will provide you with exclusive meal selections only available for group tours.  You can choose from quick and easy meals from our Cowfé or more buffet-style selections from our Farmhouse Restaurant. Both are equally as delicious! We have all-inclusive packages available to make your planning even easier.

Next, how about dessert?  Well, you’re visiting one of the most popular dairy farms in the Midwest.  You’d be mad not to try some of our famous farm fresh ice creams.  Our guests go crazy over our Butter Pecan!  But, it doesn’t stop there.  You can also grab some farm fresh chocolates from our chocolate counter to bring home to your family.


Where to Stay:

Your trip to the farm has become even easier to plan with the opening of our Fairfield by Marriott® at Fair Oaks Farms.  This 99-room hotel is conveniently located on the north side of the destination.

The hotel is attached to the Farmhouse Restaurant with a climate-controlled walkway.

Some of the featured amenities include a pool and indoor/outdoor hot tub.  We also have pet-friendly rooms, a great room complete with pool tables and a gorgeous patio that looks out onto the countryside.


Special Features:

Our group tours are able to book both guided and non-guided tours.  Special reservations for lunch can be arranged at the time of your booking.  Add-on features are available.

Add-on items such as private cheese tastings, private tour guides, private bus and/or private wagon ride to the orchard can be requested at the time of booking.

All of our group tour guests receive an on-bus greeting, comp tickets based on 1 per 40 guests, FREE parking, handicap accessibility, hotel group rates, and more.

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