Apple picking season is upon us and we are here for it.  The Apples have been growing and we are ready to open our gates. Whether you’re a seasoned picker or just getting started, we are here to teach you all about gala apples which will be the variety that’s ready to pick this weekend!

What Does a Gala Apple Taste Like?

Growing up, I’m sure you never thought about the different varieties of apples that are available to you and your family.  When your mom put an apple in your lunch box, it was generally a medium-sized red apple and you never thought any more about it.

The difference in apples is pretty interesting. As far as gala apples, they have a mildly sweet flavor to them. They are a crisp apple with very thin skin which makes them great for fresh eating.

Is a Gala Apple a Good Baking Apple?

Well, yes and no.  Because of the gala’s softness, when baked the apple practically melts in your mouth.  Depending on what you’re using it for, yes, the gala is great!  But, if you are asking specifically about apple pies, stick with a firmer apple, like our Gold Rush variety. But, honestly, when it comes to baking it’s all about personal preference so don’t be afraid to experiment with different varieties!

What are Gala Apples Good For?

Gala apples are great options for applesauce or cider.  Also, because of their thin skin, they are a fantastic apple to add to fresh garden salads.  The perk of cooking with gala apples is that usually, you can get away with using less sugar in your recipes because of this apple variety’s natural sweetness.

According to the US Apple Association, Gala apples are grown in 32 states across the United States.  In 2018, the gala apple was America’s most grown apple. I guess you could say, it’s pretty popular.

Join us in the Orchard at Fair Oaks Farms and pick your gala apples! The Orchard is open from 9a – 5p CDT Saturday & Sunday.