We’re sure by now you’ve heard about the fun trend that’s working its way across Indiana, where people of all ages can paint and decorate rocks, hide them, and hunt for them. If you haven’t, take a stroll around your local park or playground and you could probably find a few of these creatively decorated rocks yourself!

We wanted to get in on the fun, too, so we decided to decorate a few rocks of our own. We started out by collecting some rocks from around campus and painting them our favorite colors, then we Mod Podged on some of our Fair Oaks Farms symbols like our logo, brandmark, and cartoons of our animals and products. We also sealed the rocks to protect them from the elements like sun, heat, and rain!

Now comes the most exciting part — the hunt! We’ve hidden the rocks all over our outdoor campus and we want you to find them. You’re welcome to rehide them in your own town, somewhere far away, or keep them for your collection! Be on the lookout for a few special rocks that include coupons such as a discount on admission for the Whole Adventure and a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée at The Farmhouse!

When you find a rock, shout us out on Facebook or Instagram by tagging us in the photo and using the hashtag #FairOaksRocks! Happy hunting!