It’s midseason for apple picking in our apple orchard.  We are ready for those midseason apples, right?  Crimson Crisp is the cool kid of fresh eating apples.  This variety was discovered in 1971 in Cream Ridge, New Jersey.  This gorgeous, rouge colored apple is known to be immune to scab and moderately resistant to leaf rust – the farmers are smiling right now.

What Does a Crimson Crisp Taste Like?

If you’re looking for a juicy, snacking apple then Crimson Crisp is the right choice for you.  Diving headfirst into autumn, this delicious variety has a sweet, yet spicy taste to it.  The creamy-white flesh of this apple has an extremely crisp bite to it.  The rich flavor will surprise you.  It has a very sweet taste with a hint of tartness.

What is This Apple Variety Good For?

First and foremost, this apple variety and well-known for its fresh eating reputation.  This extremely crisp variety is perfect for snacking.  But, because this apple variety is known to be very firm, it’s also a great choice for baking.  Try out some great apple-inspired recipes such as this Apple Crisp with Oat Topping created by

What’s a Pollinator Partner?

Most apple trees are not self-pollinating.  So, in order to pollinate, they need pollinator partners.  This means that you need to plant 1 – 2 different apple tree varieties so that the bees can go to work and pollinate your tree.    Crimson Crisp has two favorite pollinating partners: Honeycrisp and Gold Rush.

Fun Facts About Crimson Crisp

The seedlings were first discovered in 1971 on the east coast but in 1972 they were screened for scab resistance at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. Fruit on this seedling was first observed in 1979.  This apple is known to be “very attractive”.

Join us in our Apple Orchard and discover all eight varieties!  Our apple orchard is 40-acres of the countryside with open, airy lanes.