One of the mid-season apple varieties available at the Fair Oaks Farms’ Orchard is the Cameo apple.  This apple was first discovered by the Caudle family in the state of Washington in 1987.  Although this apple variety is along the newer side, it has become increasingly popular in England.  The apple is a cross between Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.

What is the Cameo Apple Good For?

Cameo apples are known for being a great baking apple.  The apple has a great aromatic flavor with a hint of pear taste.  It’s a larger, crisp apple which makes it great for pies and other baked goods.  Softer apples are harder to bake with.  The sweet flavor of this apple is actually enhanced when it’s cooked.

Are Cameo Apples Nutritious?

Funny you should ask that.  The cameo apple actually has an entire diet named after it – the Cameo diet.  You can find that complete diet here.  The apple is high in fiber and vitamin C.  One a day keeps the doctor away – or so they say.

Fun Facts about Cameo

Cameo is not only good for baking, but it’s also a great apple for fresh eating or even salads.  This apple is great for keeping and will keep fresh until late Spring if properly stored.  It’s a bright red apple with creamy orange stripes.

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