Calling all Chocolate Lovers:

Did you know that July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day?  Chocolate lovers rejoice! Celebrate accordingly with these delicious Fair Oaks Farms® fine chocolates!  Our chocolates are made fresh with our very own milk. cream and butter.  Your mouth will water when you sink your teeth into this sweet, smooth chocolate.

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Deluxe Assortment

Deluxe Assortment (8pc. –  $10.95 / 15pc. –  $18.95) 

What’s Your Preference?

We provide chocolate collections for everyone’s taste.  Bite into this Deluxe Assortment of gorgeous candies made from white, milk, and dark chocolates and filled with caramel, nuts, coconut, almond butter toffee, and candy chips.  This assortment is sure to please all chocolate lovers.

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Cream Assortment (8pc. –  $10.95 / 15pc. –  $18.95)

A delicious combination of white, milk & dark chocolates made with the finest ingredients including Fair Oaks Farms’ milk, cream, and butter.  This creamy assortment of chocolates is for those who love the sweeter side of the candies.

Nut & Chew Assortment

Nut & Chew Assortment (8pc. –  $10.95 / 15pc. –  $18.95) 

Full of sweet flavor and incredible texture, this delicious assortment gives your nut and caramel lover everything they desire.  If you’re into texture and a sweet and salty combination, this assortment is the one for you.

FOF Chocolate Covered Cherries

Fair Oaks Farms Chocolate Covered Cherries (8 pc. –  $11.95)

Top off any occasion with our decadent chocolate-covered cherries.

Does this post leave you with a craving for Fair Oaks Farms’ chocolate? You can purchase our fine chocolates on campus, at the Cowfé or online.

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