We don’t know about you, but we LOVE cheese! Aged Gouda, Butterkase, Sweet Swiss – there are so many mouthwatering options available at Fair Oaks Farms®! But, once you’ve bought your cheese and have it at home, how do you store it? Avoid these three common cheese storage mistakes to ensure that your purchase maintains its flavor and appearance for as long as possible!

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Mistake #1: Wrapping your cheese in plastic material.

A common cheese storage mistake is wrapping your leftover cheese in a plastic material like a sandwich bag. At home, wrap cheese using porous materials, such as cheese paper, butcher paper, or wax paper. These materials are breathable and eliminate the plastic flavors that can permeate cheese.

Mistake #2: Storing cheese in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Often, people think that they should keep their cheese in colder temperatures to keep it fresh, but that’s a common misconception. Store cheese in the produce drawer of your refrigerator. Cheese thrives in warmer temperatures. Plus, the cold slows down the ripening process and tends to dry out cheese at a quicker rate.

Mistake #3: Not using an extra layer of protection.

It is essential to give your cheese an extra layer of protection before storing. As mentioned above, do not use plastic! Instead, use a paper material or a container with holes. Holes allow the cheese to breathe.

Does this post have you craving Fair Oaks Farms cheese? You can purchase our cheese on campus at the Cowfé and Dairycatessan or online here: Online Store.

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