Fair Oaks Farms® first hotel, Fairfield by Marriott®, will boast 99 rooms and suites. Fairfield by Marriott Fair Oaks Farms is unique in its contemporary barn exterior, layout, and custom interior design. Furthermore, the hotel’s public spaces and guest bedrooms will feature original artwork created by three renowned artists. This week’s featured artist is J.D. Dennison.

Crash by J.D. Dennison.

Pictured: Crash by J.D. Dennison.

About the Artist

The majority of J.D. Dennison’s spiritual experiences have stemmed from nightly nature walks. As a teenager, he discovered nature’s hidden beauty among its silence and stillness. Those experiences led J.D. to bring his camera with him. One night, he accidentally used flash photography on a maple tree in his front yard. However, it wasn’t until J.D. was a Music Production student at the University of Michigan when he re-discovered the photograph. Then, he inverted the image to the negative, giving himself goosebumps. When you invert an image, light and dark reverse. As a result, the “blanket of darkness becomes a soft glow, and the illuminated object turns to paint on a canvas.” Finally, he discovered “a method to make visible all the beauty and stillness he felt at night.” When he isn’t traveling the world, J.D. Dennison lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Three Brothers by J.D. Dennison.

Pictured: Three Brothers by J.D. Dennison.

Creative Inspiration & Process

As mentioned previously, J.D. Dennison finds his spiritual inspiration during nighttime nature walks.

“The absence of noise, light, and movement gives the world a still beauty. I knew from an early age that these experience were something I wanted to spend my life creating for myself and others…Let my work be a reminder that you can find beauty anywhere you look for it.”

Also, Mr. Dennison takes photographs at night because he feels this is when nature’s timeless beauty is strongest. His technique involves flash photography and inversion. Additionally, the goal of his work is “to find the miraculous in the common.”

Egret by J.D. Dennison.

Pictured: Egret by J.D. Dennison.

The Art of Hospitality

After completing his pieces for the Fairfield by Marriott Fair Oaks Farms commission, Dennison said the following:

“Driving around Fair Oaks Farms once again reminded me how much beauty you can find when you look for it. It was gratifying to get close to the land and watch sunrises from deer blinds and sunsets from meadows with oaks trees I hope this work makes you look at the land in a new way and see the beauty that’s all around us.”

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