Ever wonder what are the tell tale signs that you have spent too much time apart from Fair Oaks Farms? We’re here to help you out with that. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it’s time to jump in the car immediately and drive out to the farm!


  • 1: Your coworker says they’re hungry and your immediate response is “Did you say grilled cheese?”


  • 2: You’re pouring milk in your morning coffee and you can’t help but think of a 72-cow carousel.


  • 3: Your kids are reading the Three Little Pigs and your brain goes straight to a beautiful dreamy redwood tree house.


  • 4: You have sudden cravings for the Farmhouse macaroni and cheese with jalapeno cornbread.


  • 5: Your dreams are filled with litters of adorable piglets and calves.


  • 6: When Fall hits, others think of pumpkin spice and you think of CowtoberFest.


  • 7: It’s a Thursday night and you have a sudden urge to have some drinks and listen to live acoustic music.


  • 8: Your closet is filled with clothes that are black, white and pink.


  • 9: You check Facebook every hour to make sure you don’t miss the cheese give away.


  • 10: You wake up every day ready to Start Your Adventure.