Guests of all ages can join us at the orchard for apple picking, games, snacks, and memories to last a lifetime! $10.00 apple bags are available and can fit up to 10 pounds! New apple varieties will ripen at various times throughout the harvest season; weekly updates will be available on our social media and at the farm!

U-Pick Fun for Everyone!

Our U-Pick Orchard has 40-acres of apple trees with 10 different varieties. You will find Zestar, Gala, Cameo, Jonagold, Crimson Crisp, Pixie Crunch, Honeycrisp, and Goldrush each ripening in its own time through the season. Evercrisp and Summerset will be ready for picking in 2022. These dwarf apple trees are lower to the ground so that even our smallest guests get to pick! Plan a return visit for next year when Evercrisp and Summerset are available!

Pick & Play

Pick and Play at the Fair Oaks Farms orchard! Enjoy snacks, soda, beer, wine, and signature drinks for purchase at the Orchard Family Pub while you play the various games. You can even experience the Nature Trail by renting a four-seater or six-seater golf cart!

Complete your visit with a stop at The Harvest Market for delicious foods, delightful gifts, and locally sourced jams, jellies, and honey!

Frequently-Asked Questions

Is this event rain or shine?
In the event of extreme weather, the Apple Orchard will be closed.

What time is The Apple Orchard open?
From August – September, the Orchard is open 10AM – 6PM CST every day.
During the month of October, the Orchard is open Sunday – Thursday 10AM – 5PM CST, and Friday – Saturday 9AM – 6PM CST.

How do I buy tickets?
Purchase tickets at the entrance to the Flower Field Monday – Thursday, and at the Harvest Admissions Booths on the West side of The Harvest Market Friday-Sunday. Golf cart rentals are available when purchasing tickets!

How much do tickets cost?
Tickets cost $3.00 for kids ages 3-12, and $5.00 for guests ages 13 and over.

Is there a place to stay?
Yes! The Fairfield by Marriott at Fair Oaks Farms features a pool, water-slide, and fitness center. See rooms & rates here!

Where can I get more information?
For more information, please email