What You'll Experience!

The Crop Adventure averages an hour in length & is included in the purchase of The Dairy and/or The Pig Adventure.

  • Meet the farmers who grow your food. 
  • Burrow deep underground to see bugs and roots.
  • See and touch the high-tech tools farmers use.
  • Catch virtual raindrops.
  • Imagine the future of modern farming.

  • Discover how corn, soy and wheat improve our lives.
  • Take your picture with your favorite bugs.
  • Learn what soil doctors do.
  • Find the right ag career for you.


The Crop Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms™



Dairy Adventure - Birthing Barn Miracles

Go Deep Underground

Explore where modern agriculture begins.

The WinField Crop Adventure takes you underneath a farmer’s fields, where you will see and touch the world of bugs, roots, seeds and soil.

Learn by Doing

See, touch, do and have fun.

The world of modern agriculture is full of opportunities. You’ll learn how farmers, agronomists, processors and many others will help feed 9 billion people.

Get Interactive

Enter the digital age of modern farming.

Digital and interactive exhibits throughout the WinField Crop Adventure keep visitors of all ages engaged and actively learning.