Learn, touch, and take home your own tomato plant!

Sprouting season is here – come celebrate with us by planting and learning during this fun, enriching, educational workshop!

During the weekends of April 24-25, May 1-2, and May 8-9, Fair Oaks Farms is hosting a special Family Garden Workshop.

In the workshop, you will receive your own tomato seedling to pot, take home, and watch grow!  You will see and touch soil types in a demonstration to learn how each one holds on to water and nutrients.  You’ll also learn best practices in fertilizing, watering, lighting, harvesting, and more.  You will get your tomato plant off to a healthy start by nestling the roots in rich soil in the hands-on planting session!

Your ticket also admits you to the Crop Adventure on the same day.  Extend your experience to a full day or weekend, by visiting the experiential museums, indoor ropes course, and farm tours on The Pig Adventure or The Dairy Adventure.

The Family Garden Workshops are offered at 10am CST and 2pm CST each day during the weekends of April 24-25, May 1-2, and May 8-9.

Please note – Family Garden Workshop tickets must be purchased 2 days in advance!

Frequently-Asked Questions

What does the $12 admission cover?
Each $12 ticket gives you access the Crop Adventure and to the Family Garden Workshop, which includes a take-home tomato plant in its own pot.

What age groups is this for?
This workshop is designed to be easy and fun learning for young children and adults alike! Ages 3 and up will enjoy the hands-on experience, while adults and children aged 4-10 will enjoy the educational components as well.

Are children free?
Children 2 and under are free.

What time does the workshop take place?
Sessions are available from 10-11am CST and 2-3pm CST each day.

Can I buy my ticket for the Family Garden Workshop on the day of the workshop?
No. Tickets must be purchased at least 2 days in advance.

Do I get to take home my tomato plant?
Yes! Each paying participant will receive one tomato plant to take home.

Who is teaching this and what will we learn?
The workshops are led and taught by a Fair Oaks Farms Adventure Instructor. Participants learn the basics of germination, photosynthesis, types of soil, fertilizer, tomato plant components, and tomato plant care.

Can we make it a weekend experience?
Yes!  You can purchase tickets to our other Adventures to make a full day or weekend of it!  The Dairy Adventure and The Pig Adventure are also fun and educational tours of modern farming that will delight all ages.  To make your visit an overnight, check out our one-of-a-kind Fairfield by Marriott Hotel at Fair Oaks Farms!