A Magical Weekend at Fair Oaks Farms

Fair Oaks Farms presents a magical weekend with a castle full of princesses and mermaids! Start with hair and make up with Cinderella! Learn Tea Time from Princess Beauty, and finish off the evening climbing the castle with a special private ropes-course session (take it from Rapunzel – even princesses can benefit from climbing skills every now and again!).

The Farmhouse Restaurant will also feature a special dinner menu with princess-themed food and drinks. Princesses are welcome to dine at the restaurant with their families after the event has ended.

Mermaid Lessons

For an additional $75 per child, participate in a Mermaid Lesson on Sunday morning, March 7. All students will receive their own souvenir mermaid tail, and Princess Mermaid will provide a special lesson on how to swim like a princess!

All participants must already know how to swim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the suggested age range for the Once Upon a Weekend event?

  • This event is for children of any age, but our recommendation is 3 – 10 years of age!

What time does Once Upon a Weekend start?

  • There are two sessions for Once Upon a Weekend! The first session starts at 3:00PM on Saturday 3/6, and the second session starts at 4:15PM on Saturday 3/6.

What should my child wear to the weekend?

  • We encourage participants to attend in a princess dress! Please also bring a change of clothes that includes pants in order to accommodate the ropes-course portion of the program.

What Princesses will be at Once Upon a Weekend?

  • The princesses attending Once Upon a Weekend are Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Princess Beauty!

What COVID Protection Protocols will you be taking?

  • We are keeping group sizes at no more than 30 children.
  • All guests will need to wear masks throughout the event!
  • Fair Oaks Farms Staff and Vendors will all be required to wear face masks.
  • Sterilization will happen between groups.
  • Families will be asked to social distance together!

Is the Mermaid Lesson included in the Once Upon A Weekend Overnight Package?

  • No, the Mermaid Lesson is a separate event! Please select this option while you’re purchasing your tickets if you’re interested in participating in the Mermaid Lesson.

Who will teach the Mermaid Lesson?

  • Princess Mermaid will teach the Mermaid Lesson! This lesson is not a swimming lesson. Our red-headed princess will teach the young mermaids how to use their tail to splash and have fun in the pool!
  • We will also have a lifeguard on duty!

Does the Mermaid Lesson come with a mermaid tail?

  • Yes! You have your choice of three colors and sizes and will make your selection during the check-out process!

What is the age range for the Mermaid Lesson?

  • This event is for children age 6 and up!
  • All children who attend this event must know how to swim on their own.

What time does the Mermaid Lesson Start?

  • There are two sessions for the Mermaid Lesson. The first session starts at 8AM on Sunday 3/7, and the second session starts at 9AM on Sunday 3/7.