Introducing The Garden at Fair Oaks Farms

The next time you enjoy a meal, remember that one of every three bites we take is created with the help of pollination. Walking among our collection of crops and flowering plants, you’ll learn about the vital role that pollination plays in agriculture, ecosystems, and supporting our food supply by helping thousands of flowering plants to reproduce, improve biodiversity, and provide benefits to farmers.

Apples on Aisle Four

Watch our magnificent twenty-foot curved screen movie created by National Geographic and learn how hard work, weather and determination all go into providing you with apples on aisle four.

The Future of Farming

With limited resources, learn all about how we are contributing to feeding the ever-growing population.  Watch our floating globe movie and learn how much farming has changed through the decades and where it’s headed next.

Deep Underground

Go underground and view life from a bug’s perspective, check out the intricate root systems and see how insects affect our crops.  See exactly where it all starts – deep underground.

Things to Explore

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