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Handcrafted Weathervanes for the New Hotel!

Last week, Fair Oaks Farms® unveiled the specially handcrafted weathervanes that will go on top of the new Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott hotel, which is scheduled to open in Early 2019.

Fair Oaks Farms has put a lot of consideration in every piece of hotel artwork, and the weathervanes were no exception. West Coast Weather Vanes handcrafted these beautiful copper vanes. Continuing the mid-1800s tradition, West Coast Weather Vanes “always includes a penny from the year the vane is completed inside each sculpture for good luck.” Therefore, the hotel weathervanes have a 2018 copper penny inside each one. How cool is that?!

According to their website, West Coast Weather Vanes uses a similar process to that of the Hellenistic period in Greece. Each weathervane is made individually, meaning that no two are the same. Also, each vane is formed by an individual weathervane maker from start to finish. First, West Coast Weather Vanes starts with an approved design. Then, weathervane makers “hand cut, texture, and shape each individual piece of metal that will become the weathervane.” Afterward, the weathervane will be soldered, leafed with gold or palladium, and polished before being packaged and shipped to its new home.

To watch the “Behind the Weather Vane” video, click here: Vimeo

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For more information about West Coast Weather Vanes, click here:  West Coast Weather Vanes


Employee Spotlight

You get all of the news about what’s happening with Fair Oaks Farms, but how about the inside scoop from the people that make it all happen?

When you work at Fair Oaks Farms, you’re not a staff member-you’re a herd member. Our herd is a large group of people whose individual talents really make what Fair Oaks Farms is, they’re family!

We thought that this time around, we would look at a couple employees from different parts of Fair Oaks Farms to pick their brains on what they thought about their workplace.


Sarah Hoek

Where are you from?

Wheatfield, IN

What is your title?

Assistant Manager of The Pig Adventure

What is your favorite part of working at Fair Oaks Farms?

I love seeing all of the families come in, enjoying themselves and learning about the farm.

What are you excited for in Fair Oaks Farms’ future?

I’m excited about the new Pork Education Center. It’s going to be a great addition to The Pig Adventure.




Jenna Lewandowski

Where are you from?

Demotte, IN

What is your title?

Marketing & Events Assistant

What is your favorite part of working at Fair Oaks Farms?

I love the fun atmosphere that you are constantly surrounded with. There’s always so much going on.

What are you excited for in Fair Oaks Farms’ future?

I’m excited for all of the new Adventures and getting my own desk!




Lisa Roozee

Where are you from?

Rensselaer, IN

What is your title?

Adventure Coordinator

What is your favorite part of working at Fair Oaks Farms?

I love booking all of the groups for the Adventures. It’s both challenging and rewarding.

What are you excited for in Fair Oaks Farms’ future?

I’m excited for new Adventures, more groups and seeing the development of Fair Oaks Farms in years to come.


New Year, New Attractions!

2014 was a big year for us here at Fair Oaks Farms. We opened our new farm-to-table restaurant, The Farmhouse in early July, our new Market & Bakery in October and added two new events to our calendar: Dog-A-Palooza and The Holiday Farm Frenzy which proved to be a success in their initial year.

With 2014 behind us, what will be in store for 2015?

We are about to go hog wild!

Hog Wild at Fair Oaks Farms

The Pork Education Center will be opening its doors this spring. This new addition to our Pig Adventure will feature a custom indoor tree house, and a highflying rope maze that will test your knowledge on pork production. This new building will also be the new bus depot to take you out to The Pig Adventure.

The Crop Adventure is also scheduled to open its doors in late 2015. This Adventure will teach you all there is to know about modern farming practices. You will learn about intricate root systems, how weather affects our crops and indulge in amazing and interesting facts about Indiana plants.


Fair in the Air is scheduled to happen in early May. This new event will take you back to your childhood. The event is all about kites. Yes, you heard that right. Kites of all shapes and sizes will be featured along with synchronized kites, kite making and kites the size of school buses!


HogustFest will take place during the birthday month of our Pig Adventure, August! While this event is still in its early stages of planning, you can bet by the title, that it’ll be an event not to be missed!

To keep up with everything that is happening, be sure to like our Facebook page or visit our website, fofarms.com.