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Farm-to-Table Talk with Richard Arthur

We recently sat down with Richard Arthur, the Restaurant Manager at the Farmhouse Restaurant here at Fair Oaks Farms. We spoke about the importance of farm-to-table food and the unique culinary experience that is offered at the restaurant.


What’s your favorite dish on the menu and why?
Rich: There are quite a few favorites. If I had to name one, it would be the Espresso Crusted Pork Ribeye. First of all, it’s the best quality pork chop I have ever experienced. I know exactly where the pig was raised. We use a ground espresso/spice blend rub, grill it to order, then drizzle with honey. Mouthwatering for certain.

What is the most popular dish with guests and why?
Rich: Dishes that showcase our Fair Oaks Farms dairy products, local pork and beef are the most popular. Our Bacon Sampler, cheese curds, pork chops, ribs and burgers are very popular. We also serve a “world class” pizza here! In addition, we feature many craft beers and spirits that are produced locally. Our guests are very interested in things they can’t get back home.

Are there any new & exciting dishes coming soon? What are they?
Rich: We’re reviewing a menu change and update for the fall that should be in place by October 1. We have featured “Pig Wings” several times this summer on our Weekly Specials menu. It’s a very popular item with our guests, and we should see that on the new menu. They are pork shanks, marinated and smoked, then lightly breaded and fried. Delicious!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Fair Oaks Farms?
Rich: Well, there are two things.. I get the opportunity to meet people from all over the globe. It’s amazing how our guests travel from very, very far away to visit Fair Oaks Farms and The Farmhouse. Once they’re in the restaurant, it’s a privilege to have the chance to show them what we do here. Secondly, I’m lucky to work with some very passionate people that have a sincere interest in the dairies, other venues, and Fair Oaks Farms in general.

Are there any secret ingredients in any of the foods? Can you give us a hint as to what they are?
Rich: We’re happy to share recipes with any guest that’s interested. We get requests all the time for our mac & cheese, meatloaf, espresso rub, rib seasoning and many other recipes. So, no secrets here.

Who has been your favorite guest over the years?
Rich: That’s a tough one. Our job here is to make people happy. I enjoy meeting our hardworking local farmers just as much as the many guests we have from Chicago, California, Indianapolis and all over the world.

Why do you think farm to fork food is important?
Rich: It’s all tied in with the transparency concept here at Fair Oaks Farms. We know where our food comes from. That allows us to produce high quality food seven days a week. For example, the pork we serve in the restaurant is raised two minutes from here. We work closely with local producers, and know the care they give their animals.

How has using local, fresh ingredients changed the way you cook/work?
Rich: It gives myself and all our staff a very high level of confidence about what we serve here. We know where our food comes from. That’s very important. Our staff is very passionate about educating our guests and enhancing their experience here.

What do you think sets The Farmhouse apart from other restaurants that use local, fresh ingredients?
Rich: We all share the belief that knowing where your products are raised or grown offers a higher level of confidence about the quality of food served in a restaurant. Most “farm to table” restaurants are fairly small. At the Farmhouse, we can accommodate 300 guests! Because of our very talented staff, we are able to deliver the same quality as a 50-seat restaurant — that gives us the opportunity to give many guests a great experience.

Have you ever been on an Adventure? What’s your favorite part?
Rich: Yes, I’ve visited all the venues here at Fair Oaks Farms. I’ve also gotten to know many of the dairy operators and am extremely impressed with the sincere care they give their animals. On the “fun” side, the milking carousel at Prairie’s Edge Dairy is always very entertaining.


You can find menus, hours of operation, and all about the Farmhouse Restaurant’s special events, by accessing the website here.


Fair Oaks Rocks!

We’re sure by now you’ve heard about the fun trend that’s working its way across Indiana, where people of all ages can paint and decorate rocks, hide them, and hunt for them. If you haven’t, take a stroll around your local park or playground and you could probably find a few of these creatively decorated rocks yourself!

We wanted to get in on the fun, too, so we decided to decorate a few rocks of our own. We started out by collecting some rocks from around campus and painting them our favorite colors, then we Mod Podged on some of our Fair Oaks Farms symbols like our logo, brandmark, and cartoons of our animals and products. We also sealed the rocks to protect them from the elements like sun, heat, and rain!

Now comes the most exciting part — the hunt! We’ve hidden the rocks all over our outdoor campus and we want you to find them. You’re welcome to rehide them in your own town, somewhere far away, or keep them for your collection! Be on the lookout for a few special rocks that include coupons such as a discount off admission for the Whole Adventure and a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée at The Farmhouse!

When you find a rock, shout us out on Facebook or Instagram by tagging us in the photo and using the hashtag #FairOaksRocks! Happy hunting!


July 4th on the Farm

In 2012, two-fifths of all American soil was claimed as farmland. That equates to 915 million acres and boils down to 2.1 million farms and ranches, according to the 2012 Census of Agriculture. This means just over 40 percent of the United States was farmland – almost half!

Farming is a huge part of American culture and even though those numbers above seem big, the number of farms in the USA has been in decline since the early 1900s. Here at Fair Oaks Farms our mission is to teach every generation about the importance of agriculture through our interactive Dairy, Pig, and Crop Adventures. America was built on farming and agriculture, and we know it’s important for every visitor to learn just how much it affects our everyday lives!

So what better way is there to celebrate July 4th and America’s independence than exploring one of our most important industries? On July 4th, we will be open during our normal business hours to all visitors who want to attend our Adventures. Come with your family; learn all about where your food comes from, what products are made from crops, and which careers fall into the agriculture field. Take our bus tours to our pig and dairy barns to learn about gestation, birth, and so much more! Stop by our Cowfe for lunch and enjoy classic menu items such as our quarter-pound all beef hot dog or our perfectly toasted grilled cheese, made with Fair Oaks Farms Fine Cheddar, Sweet Swiss, or Havarti Pepper. The Farmhouse porch will also be open for lunch and dinner, serving fresh beef and pork items produced on our farms such as The Ribeye Burger, our famous Fair Oaks Farms Pork Porthouse, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, and the Farmhouse Bacon Sampler.

You can find out about our ticket prices, hours of operation, and all other information here. We can’t wait to spend Independence Day with you!


Pawesome Way to Start off Summer — Dog-A-Palooza 2017!

Are you and your dog going absolutely mutts inside? Fair Oaks Farms has the cure! On June 10th, from 4 to 9 PM, we’ll be hosting our fourth annual Dog-A-Palooza festival!


It’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your pup. You can shop some of the best dog-gone vendors that will offer dog-specific items and services, or watch some of our live dog performances. In the evening, we will hold a 2K Dog Glow Walk, because we know how much man’s best friend loves walks. This year’s proceeds from the Dog Glow Walk will go to the Shelter of the Year, to be announced May 30th.

The most exciting part of this year’s Dog-A-Palooza is the grand opening of our dog park, Central Bark! The park is currently open to the public and your four-legged friends. Here at Fair Oaks we’re happy to be a dog-friendly campus, and with the addition of our dog park we hope your furry companions will feel much more welcome! And on June 10th there will be plenty of time for your pooch to grow acquainted with their new favorite dog park.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? To register for the Dog Glow Walk, check out our rules and guidelines for the event, and get all the in-fur-mation you could ever need, visit the event page at We can’t wait to see you all there!


New Year, New Building.

Here at the farm, we are constantly growing and bringing in not only different animal groups but also new experiences and services for our guests. Recently, we have added a new building to our destination that you may or may not have noticed.


Next to our Admissions Building (which was new as of 2016) is now a cute little building named the Feed Barn. Nope, it’s not another café or restaurant. The Feed Barn serves as a lunchroom and cafeteria for our groups such as students on field trips and/or larger pre-booked groups.  The building is equipped with educational resources on agriculture and sustainability.


The building began being built in late 2016 and is now open for pre-booked groups. The groups must be 20 people or more to enjoy this special building. It houses a small kitchen, large dining room, bathrooms, mother’s lounge and first aid center. Not only is it a great place for groups to eat lunch but if you are planning a larger meeting or event, the space is also available for rent.

The Feed Barn is brought to you by Cargill and Farm Credit.

The Feed Barn is now open to guests.

To pre-book your Adventure dial 219-394-2025 ext 322 and ask for Lisa.


Season’s Eatings


The Holidays are so close, you can TASTE it. Time to treat the people on your list to a gift of wholesome goodness from the families at Fair Oaks Farms. A gift from Fair Oaks Farms is more than just another gift basket.


Our Farmstead cheese and now chocolates are made in small batches one at a time with our fresh milk, cream and butter right from our farm.


These products will melt different, taste different and feel different. If you like locally grown fresh food made with the absolute purest ingredients and attention to detail- then stop by for a tasting and visit the cows that put the magic in the milk.


Your friends will be delighted. Your clients will be impressed, and be sure to treat yourself. We deliver FREE anywhere in the U.S. Taste the difference and enjoy!


Looking for a meaningful Christmas present this year for a new addition or in memory of a loved one? Now we offer the chance to become part of the Adventure! Dedicate a brick to a loved one, family member, friend or business. Visit our Admissions Building to order.


LIVE from the Farmhouse!

Enjoy live music in the Farmhouse Pub every Thursday from 6:30p with local beer and wine specials.


Here is our current fall and winter line-up! And you can stay up to date on our Events Calendar.


November 2016

3rd – Ashby & Horgash

10th – Gerry Hundt

17th – Chad Clifford

24th – Closed (Thanksgiving Day)


December 2016

8th – Gerry Hundt

15th – Chad Clifford

31st – NYE Crawpuppies



Get Your Paws on This Event!

Woof! It’s been three years of dog-loving fun here at the farm. With so many more years ahead of us, we are excited that this event keeps getting better and better!

If you’re not familiar with Dog-A-Palooza then let me give you the break down. Dog-A-Palooza was created as a charitable event which raise money for local animal shelters through our 2K Dog Walk. A different shelter is chosen every year so that we can help as many different shelters as possible! This year we are raising money for Natalie’s Second Chance Dog Shelter out of Lafayette, IN.


We have created a whole new course for the 2K Walk this year that will keep your paws dry and your canine pals happy. When you register you will receive a commemorative Dog-A-Palooza t-shirt. There is also an option for you to purchase a bandana for your pup partners. Make sure to visit the event landing page to check out our event sponsors, see our rules and guidelines and to register for the walk!

Not only is the event charitable, but also it allows dog lovers a place to go and have fun with their furry family members. There’s so much to see any do! We feature several tail-wagging activities such as a trick dog show, a K9 Unit demonstration and an obedience school demo. We feature several pup-related vendors who sell anything from dog treats to dog outfits!


We also have some other fun things to do such as an agility/obstacle course for both large and small dogs and a kids play zone, not to mention Mooville will be open!


Dog-A-Palooza is free to attend and is happening on June 11, 2016 from 10am-4pm CST!


See you there!!


The Adventures Warm Up

With Spring in the air, the hope for warm weather is not a far reach. The snow has melted, the flowers are starting to sprout and we are ready to warm up the Adventures for Spring and Summer 2016. So what’s happening? Let’s break it down!

April 20

The Farmhouse Restaurant will be featuring a Chocolate Tasting. They have some pretty amazing and unique concoctions thought up and you get to pair this delicious treat with a beer or wine of your choice. Must be 21 or older and you can reserve your spot by calling 219-394-3663


May 5

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us at The Farmhouse Restaurant! This Lagunitas Beer inspired dinner is sure to be fantastic! More details to come!


May 8

Calling all moms! Mothers receive FREE admission at our Adventures all day. We are also featuring a Mother’s Day brunch at The Farmhouse. To reserve your spot call 219-394-3663


May 14

Let’s go fly a kite! The second annual Fair in the Air is happening from 10a-4p CST at our Adventures and will feature professional kite performances along with some of the largest kites in the sky! We will also have a kite making shop open for kids while supplies last. For more information visit

May 30

It’s Memorial Day and Mooville is officially open! Come climb our 25-foot milk bottle, bounce around and enjoy our outdoor play area. Mooville will be open all summer long!


June 11

Bow-wow! Our third annual Dog-A-Palooza is happening! Join us during our 2K Dog Walk which will benefit a local animal shelter, watch dogs perform some outrageous tricks, see a demonstration from our local K-9 Unit and shop for some goodies for your furry family member. For more information and registration for the 2K Dog Walk please visit


The Winfield Crop Adventure is coming Summer 2016!


How to Draw a Piglet

Meet Karl.  He’s been one of our piglets for the past few years helping to spread the word about Fair Oaks Farms.  Karl is one of the 250 piglets born every day at our Pig Adventure.

Today we are going to show you how to draw Karl in 8 Easy Steps.  Let’s begin!

Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print


Share your drawings with us on Instagram using #howtodrawapiglet