Your Pig Adventure
Starts Here...

The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks literally throws open the barn door to let you see what goes on inside a modern pig farm.

Have the opportunity to perform a hands-on sonogram, try our highflying ropes course while learning pig facts, watch the birthing process and even enjoy going down our bacon slide!

Step inside our modern pig farm and learn about pig farming in the most unique and transparent way.  From where pig farming began to the modern practices that we use today, you're sure to leave with something to squeal ​about!


The Pork Education Center

Your Pig Adventure begins here.

Check out our Pork Education Center where all of your pig loving begins. Learn pig facts on our ropes course, play a game of operation and learn where different cuts of meat come from and take a whirl on our bacon slide which is part of our beautiful redwood treehouse.

The Visitor Center

As You Step Off The Bus...

Get hog wild in the introductory room full of fun and exciting surprises.  Watch how pig farming began, learn about our current farming families and get ready for a full on interactive experience!

The Farrowing Barn

This unique facility is designed to showcase the miraculous creation of life. 

Walk through the corridor and step inside one of the many viewing pods to witness the birth of our piglets right before your eyes.  This is truly one of the most popular and unforgettable attractions at The Pig Adventure.

The Gestation Barn

Get an indoor birds-eye view of our gilts growing.

Watch as our pigs learn how to use the modern ESF (Electronic Sow Feeder) system.  Learn the difference between a sow and gilt and have the opportunity to learn about modern day pregnancy practices.