Your Dairy Adventure
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A country experience that the whole family will love, The Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms is a fun-filled, up-close look at sustainable dairy farming.

The Dairy Adventure offers experiences to you that you couldn't imagine and you'll never forget.  Learn and play in our dairy activity center.  Absorb the farming lifestyle at one of our modern working dairy farms while riding in our cow bus.  

You'll be amazed at how our world class innovations result in the more pure, nutritious and delicious dairy products that you can purchase and sample right here on the farm!

The Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms™


Dairy Adventure - Birthing Barn Miracles

Witness the Miracle of Life

Fair Oaks Farms experiences between 80 to 100 calves born every day!

Step inside of unique birthing facility known as the Birthing Barn!  With stadium seating, you will have the opportunity to witness the miracle of life right before your very eyes! 

From Grass to Glass®

Fair Oaks Farms is committed to providing nutritious, savory cheese to our valued customers.

From “Grass to Glass” we oversee the entire creation of our award-winning cheeses from the quality milk produced by our cows, who do not receive any rBST, to the fresh ingredients that go into our products. 

Strong Kids & Strong Bones

Throughout The Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms you will find numerous activities that help challenge and strengthen your bones!

Try our Calcium Climber magnetic wall in our interactive area or climb to Udder Heights on our giant milk bottle in Mooville!