What You'll Experience!

The Dairy Adventure averages 2 - 3 hours in length and includes the Crop Adventure.  Add 1 hour for Mooville.

  • Hop on our cow bus to our freestall barns. 
  • Watch a "Day in the Life of Diva Mooreau" during our 3D/4D movie.

  • Play in Mooville (seasonal).
  • Witness the miracle of life in our Birthing Barn.
  • Learn about sustainability aspects of the farm, cow nutrition, and the safety & nutrition of milk in our exciting exhibits.

The Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms™



Dairy Adventure - Birthing Barn Miracles

Witness the Miracle of Life

Walk into our Birthing Barn for the chance to witness the miracle of life.  Fair Oaks Farms sees between 80 to 100 calves being born daily!  Sit in our stadium-style barn and watch as a newborn calf is welcomed into the world.  Your kids will be amazed as they see this special experience before their very own eyes.  Keep an eye on those little babies, it takes approximately 45 minutes for them to learn how to walk.  After seeing the birth, visit our nursery where all of our newborns sleep and get their first bottle.

From Grass to Glass®

Fair Oaks Farms is committed to providing nutritious, savory cheese to our valued customers.

From “Grass to Glass” we oversee the entire creation of our award-winning cheeses from the quality milk produced by our cows, who do not receive any rBST, to the fresh ingredients that go into our products. 

Strong Kids & Strong Bones

Throughout The Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms you will find numerous activities that help challenge and strengthen your bones!  Check out all of the fun things to do here at the farm!

Don't forget that Mooville is open from Memorial Day until Labor Day and is filled with outdoor family fun!